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Welcome Home! We are a community that celebrates diversity in Braintree, MA - Imagine the Freedom - More Spirituality, Less Religiousity

We accept you as you are...

It's no accident that you are here.

We are so happy you're visiting our website! We update it frequently, so be sure to drop by often. And please let us know if there's anything you'd like to add.

As a happily diverse community, we attempt to remain engaged with each other's differing views. Thus, we learn while sharing, remaining open to rational argument or spiritual enlightenment.

This allows us to minimize doctrine, ideology, dogma, creed, or any kind of fundamentalist, authoritative ideas that are not to be disputed or doubted. Those things can lead to suffering.

The glue that binds us together is the love of our community and an affirmation to promote the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism. (See the left side bar)

Many of us feel our spiritual lives are grounded in a sense of the fullness and connectedness of all things.

You can comfortably be spiritual without being religious in this community of seekers if you choose. (a choice not offered everywhere)

Newcomers and Visitors Welcome!

Visitors Are Always Welcome to Join Us Visit Our Newcomers Page by following this link to learn more about All Souls Church.

COME to our Newcomers Talkback with Reverend Steve - one Sunday a month following service - usually the FIRST Sunday of the month Check the News and Events section of this Blog or our Calendar for dates and times.

Sunday Service

Now through August SUMMER SERVICE is at 9:30 am in the Parish Hall

Summer Services last until the Sunday following Labor Day.

Aug 17th (Worship Assistant Joe Maloney) Larry Fogg The Wisdom of Native American's: Larry Fogg will bring his insight to the often overlooked insights and wisdom of Native Americans. If George is going to talk about the politics of Native Americans, Larry is talking theology. This is non-traditional western theology, from the original western theologians.

Aug 24th (Worship Assistant and Presenter) Don Swanson If I were king of the world? Norwood's technological and spiritual guru, the wise man we know as "Swanny," is cooking something up in that peaceful Buddhist head of his for this late summer service. He will talk about creating and seeing a world filled with beauty both inside and out.

Aug 31st (Worship Assistant Steve W) Marge Kearns, My Favorite UU Principal The 7th Today our very own one woman show Marge Kearns will join with Pastor Steve to open up a conversation about her favorite of our Seven Principals, the 7th principal focused on The Interdependent Web of creation from which we all come. Want to hear about the deep way we are connected to rocks, fish, and each other? Come!

On Sunday September 7th we return to regular Sunday Services beginning at 10:30 and return again to our beautiful sanctuary.

[September through mid June, Sunday Service is at 10:30 AM followed by coffee and conversation at an informal food and fellowship hour.] Religious Education takes place during the service and Free Childcare is provided by our paid staff for adults attending service. All Souls Church is a welcoming congregation and building is handicap accessible]

Our Minister Rev. Steve Wilson

Rev. Steve Wilson was installed as the settled minister at All Souls Church in 2009. He has served family-sized Unitarian Universalist congregations in Rutland, Vermont, Northfield, MA, and Bernardston, MA. He came to Braintree after a six-month tenure at a growing church in Sydney, Australia.

A truly authentic worship leader, Rev. Wilson officiates at All Souls' Sunday services, which provide a time for reflection and meditation, music, and connection with others. Rev. Wilson brings to his ministry a rich background of experience in social justice and environmental activism. This experience enhances the ministry of All Souls Church, which has a long history of promoting social justice as well as environmental awareness. It has earned the Unitarian Universalist designation of "Welcoming Congregation", indicating a church community that embraces all individuals whether they are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. It has also earned the designation "Green Sanctuary", indicating its commitment to environmental responsibility. As he began his tenure at All Souls, Rev. Wilson remarked, "I am excited to be here in a religious community that serves as a magnet for progressive thought and social action. For those who actively yearn for justice, love questions as much as answers, and want to live out their religious lives in a welcoming community, my brief time here has already convinced me that this is a great place."

Rev. Wilson has been working with the church's cooperative religious education committee to develop its engaging Sunday morning Young Explorers Program for children and youth. The program is in session on Sundays from 10:30 am to 11:45 am. It provides a variety of experiences, activities and fun time together to provide young people with the opportunity to nurture new friendships, support their individual journeys and be part of a caring community.


What Do We Love?

We love a Sense of Belonging, Celebration of Life, Fellowship, Spiritual Growth, Freedom, Ecology, Diversity, Justice, Earth, Same-sex Marriage, Humanity, Democracy, Nature, Music, Love, Liberty, Community, Sustainability, Sharing, Truth, Celebrating Common Values, Creativity, Honesty, Learning, Ethics, Interfaith Weddings, Compassion, The Braintree Farmers Market, Equality, Joy, Our 7 Principles... (See the left sidebar for The Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism.)

Remember the caution of Paul Tillich and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that we not separate love from power. Why? Because love without power is sentimental and anemic, and power without love is reckless and abusive.

A Past Service On George's Island

We had Native American flute and African hand drums for this outdoor service.

Isn't nature wonderful?

Our unplugged band.


All Souls Church, Unitarian Universalist

Our Vision is to be an open-minded spiritual community that celebrates diversity and lives successfully with both its gifts and challenges. We seek to understand and appreciate the great diversity of people and ideas in the world.

With our vision in mind, Our Mission, as All Souls Church, is to come together in community, to create opportunities for spiritual expression and exploration, to learn with and from each other, and to make a difference in the world.


What Are Our Demographics?

Here in Braintree, Massachusetts, on the south shore of Boston, our members and friends are happily all colors, all races, married, single, men, women, adults, youth, children, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, in, out, all sizes, all ages, all different abilities, etc...


Our Backgrounds and Beliefs

Our members and friends backgrounds/beliefs include - Unitarian Universalism, Humanism, Buddhism, Theological Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Neo-Paganism, Hinduism, Shinto, Islam, Native American Spirituality, Spiritualism, Agnosticism, Atheism, Pantheism, Creatheism, Environmentalism, etc. with more coming in.

Most resonate with more than one of the above.

"Don't look to us for your answers. Our way is not The Way. Look into your own heart, and come as close to the voice of your own heart as you can so you can hear the voice of your own heritage. You must figure it out, and see through which tradition it will speak. You must find your own way." - Manuel Hoyongowa, Hopi

"Therefore, Ananda, be a lamp unto yourself, be a refuge to yourself. Take yourself to no external refuge. Hold fast to the Truth as a lamp; hold fast to the Truth as a refuge. Look not for a refuge in anyone beside yourself. And those, Ananda, who either now or after I am dead shall be a lamp unto themselves, who take themselves to no external refuge, but holding fast to the Truth as their lamp, and holding fast to the Truth as their refuge, shall not look for refuge to anyone beside themselves, it is they who shall reach the highest goal." - Mahaparinibbana Sutta


We've Got Small Groups!

A sampling of some of our intentional small groups - Chalice Circles, Monthly Book Group, Singing Meditation, Buddhist Reflections, Gay Men's Discussion Group, Women's Sharing Circle, Yoga, Choir, Drummimg. For more detailed information on our Small Groups, click on the Get Involved tab at the top of this page. - International Day of Climate Action

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Braintree took part in the most widespread day of environmental action in history -- over 5,200 events in 181 countries -- to call for a clear solution to the climate crisis: reducing the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere below 350 parts per million.


Unitarian Universalist Association

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September through June

Sunday services are held at 10:30 AM in the Sanctuary. Coffee Hour is a time for fellowship and light refreshments that follows the service. Young Explorers Religious Education program takes place concurrently during the service. Free onsite babysitting by paid Church staff is provided for little ones up to age five while their parents attend worship service.

Coffee Hour Sundays are "Pot Luck", meaning people are requested to bring some finger food to share.

Volunteers are needed to help with cleanup after coffee hour. Please Check the signup sheet in the Parish Hall.


Join us in the Parish Hall Sundays at 9:30 AM for informal lay-led services. Always interesting and varied. Coffee Hour, Religious Education and Childcare do not take place at this time.]

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